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Snow Plow
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Angle PlowRemove Snow at 8:00 a.m. - Stack loads at 9:00.

More Lift Truck Versalility from ITE.

It only takes a few minutes to turn any pneumonic tired lift truck into powerful snow plow. Loading sites, parking lots and sidewalks are quickly rid of snow without the hassle of separate snow machines or outside help. The ITE adjustable Angle Plow is easily removed from the forks and stored upright, ready for quick hookup next time the snow flies.

Fork spread dimension 40 3/4"

For forks up to 48" long

The ballast box is filled with scrap metal, gravel or sand to provide the necessary weight to remove deep snow. Truck forks, up to 48" long, slip into the fork pockets and are secured by a safety chain. Heavy-duty plow blade is available into two lengths and the mold board has the added safety feature of a trip - action release should an unseen object be struck under the snow. Plow angle is easily adjusted for right or left banking or pushing snow straight ahead. Strong retention springs prevent plow override, and plow height adjusted by adding or removing washers on blade runners.


Part No. Length Height Angled Width Weight(lbs.)
ASP-84 84" 25" 74" 680
ASP-90 90" 25" 79" 700

* All specifications and materials are subject to change without notice or obligation. Consult Factory for Updated Pricing.

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