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Drum/Fork Clamp
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Drum/Fork/ClampFits all Lift Trucks

Capacities from 2000 - 6000 lbs.

Pick up 55 gallon steel drums- on or off pallets- with the versatile "Four - In - One attachment.

The new ITE Drum/Fork/Clamp is a system in itself. It is a true combination attachment that lets the operator change its function without ever leaving the driver's seat. Designed to meet the demands of any cost-conscious supervisor or time-study engineer, it does the work of a clamp, fork truck, fork spreader or side shifter.

Truck Mounting: The ITE Drum/Fork/Clamp attachment can be mounted to the carriage of any type gas - or battery - operated lift truck. A single-spool, double-acting valve is required on the truck for its operation. The standard unit has manual - synchronization arm movement. A side -shift clamp is optional. This option requires a two-spool, double acting valve.

Clamping pressures can be restricted ( to prevent crushing drums) by the use of an optional Pressure Regulator Valve, which is operator - adjusted manually. For drum handling operations in hazardous areas, optional spark-proof, brass liners are fitted into the cut - out sections of the forks. When not handling drums, the forks can be used in the conventional manner.


(1) Standard unit requires single- spool, double-acting valve.

(2) Optional side - shift requires two - spool, double-acting valve.

It's a clamp. Special cut-out forks clamp, pick up and tranport one, two or four drums - without the drums being on the pallet.

It's a fork truck. Forks pick up loads stacked on pallets. Fork cut-outs do not interfere with stacking or transporting loads.

It's a fork spreader. Hydraulic clamp adjusts the forks to pick up pallets of various widths.

It's a side-shifter. Integral side - shift clamp allows the forks to shift several inches each side of center, saving time in positioning the load. And that reduces wear and tear on truck transmission, tires and mast.



Load Capacity @ 24 " (lbs.)

Opening Range Between Forks (in.) L.L.C. C.G. Weld on Fork Length Weight
HDC-30 3000 18-62 5.0 8.3 48 735
HDC-45 4500 18-68 5.5 8.0 48 990
HDC-65 6500 18-74 6.5 7.9 48 1720
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