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Dumper Upender
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Dumper UpenderComplete Control When Dumping or Pouring

With the ITE Hydraulic Dumper/Upender, dumping or upending chores can be performed with maximum speed, ease and efficiency. This highly adaptable unit provides the force for gripping various types of drums, boxes, wire baskets, trays, rolls and hoppers by means of pads designed to handle each object or container. The operator can pick up, transport, dump or upend objects without even leaving his seat. As a result, the ITE Dumper/Upender can save valuable time, cut costs and prevent lost time accidents. This attachment allows the operator precise control over the flow of materials and ensures complete safety- unlike awkward sling and hoist methods, hand dumping or precarious mechanical means.

Designed to be mounted on the elevating carriage of a lift truck, the ITE Dumper / Upender consists of a hydraulic clamp, a pair of forks and a pair of dumping arms which are slipped on the forks and hydraulically controlled. The clamping pads are attached to the dumping arms. Many standard and specially designed pads are available; each is designed to handle a particular dumping or upending task. Regardless of pad design, all dumping arms are available with 90, 120 or 180 degrees of forward tilt.

Operation of this attachment is simple and uncomplicated. For example, to dump a drum, the operator opens the clamp so that the rubber- faced pads are positioned slightly beyond the width of the drum, moves forward until the pads are centered on the drum, and then grips the drum with the clamping pads. The operator then transports the drum to the dumping site, raises the truck mast to the appropiate height, and manipulates the lever controlling the dumping arms and pads to dump the load. When dumping operation is completed, the dumpers are easily removed from the forks allowing normal lift truck operation.


Part No. Fork LGT. Upending
Capacity (lbs.)
Fork Lifting
Capacity (lbs.)@24"

Opening Range at Pad Tip

L.C. C.G. Wgt.
Min. Max.
HDU2-36 36 1500 2500 10 54 32.5 15.0 900
HDU2-42 42 1200 2500 10 54 38.15 15.5 925
HDU2-48 48 900 2500 10 54 44.5 16.0 970
HDU3-36 36 2400 3800 10 54 33.5 13.5 1050
HDU3-42 42 2100 3800 10 54 39.5 14.0 1090
HDU3-48 48 1800 3800 10 54 45.5 14.5 150
HDU4-36 36 3000 5600 10 60 34.5 12.5 375
HDU4-42 42 2700 5600 10 60 40.5 13.0 1410
HDU4-48 48 2400 5600 10 60 46.5 13.5 1450
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