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Load Stabilizer
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Hydraulic Laod StabilizerFor Maximum Safety and Control

ITE HYdraulic Load Stabilizers ensure your operators complete control of a variety of unstable, palletized loads. These proven -effective units provide safe transport of any load that is inclined to shift or roll, such as boxes, bags, bottle cases, drums and barrels. A pilot operated check valve is used to maintain proper clamping pressure at all times while each load is being transported. As a result, loads which might be bounced from skid or pallet when using conventional transport methods are kept intact even when rounding corners or moving over uneven surfaces during transport.

ITE Hydraulic Load Stabilizers can be attached to the apron of any make or model lift truck and connected to the lift truck's hydraulic system. Constructed of the highest- quality materials available and designed with the latest operating features, these rugged units will provide years of optimum performance.

Find out today how ITE Hydraulic Load Stabilizers can help maximize your warehouse productivity.

  • Side - Shift and Forks not included
  • Hardened Slide Bars
  • Pilot- Operated Check Valve
  • Thin Pad for Minimum Clearance
  • Minimum Loss of Load Center
  • Single-Spool Double Acting Control Valve Required


Model No. A B CG W H Pad Size Range Min. Max. Add Wgt.
ST4-30 3 1/2" 3" 5" 42" 42" 30x30 27-48" 22" 500
ST4-36 3 1/2" 3" 5" 42" 42" 36x36 27-48" 22" 550
ST4-42 3 1/2" 3" 5" 42" 42" 42x42 27-48" 22" 600
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