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Telescoping Boom
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Telescoping BoomTake On Tough Loads With The ITE Telescoping Boom.

Handle many loads easily-even loads that cannot be palletized-with the ITE Telescoping Boom. This versatile boom slips effortlessly onto the forks of any lift truck, and is fastened to the carriage plate with a chain. The ITE Telescoping Boom can extended, if necessary, for reaching over fences or stacks of materials, and it is perfect for carrying long loads.

The ITE Telescoping Boom lets you get the most out of your lift trucks. Your efficiency and productivity will increase when you use this hard-working, high quality boom. And the low price makes it even more economical. You'll save time, labor and money with versatile lift truck attachments from ITE. Ask about our entire line of products.


Specifications: Telescoping Boom

Model Number Approx. Wgt.(lbs.) Capacity Retracted Capacity Extended Fork Pocket Size Fork Spread
1900-1192 375 6000 2000 7.5"x3.5" 25.5"
1900-1193 600 8000 2700 7.5"x3.5" 25.5"

All booms are shipped with safety chains and two hooks.

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