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Hydraulic Clamp
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A Versatile Clamp to handle a Variety of Loads.

Unitized load handling becomes more productive with a hydraulic clamp attachment from ITE. A wide variety of clamping tasks can be performed with an ITE Clamp and one or more of the optional arms, pads, jaws, forks which can be welded or bolted onto the clamp arm-bars. It's practical and efficient to handle unit loads like bales of scrap or baskets of casting, steel drums or concrete pipes and much more... all without pallets to carry the load. Reduced pallet usage means less inherent storage and repair costs.

Compare the quality... all steel, welded construction for maximum strength and structural integrity. ITE slide bars are case hardened for lasting wear. ITE hydraulic cylinders are manufactured to meet the highest standards, engineered for the " long haul " to provide precision power.


Part No.


Loss L.C. Overall Thickness

Opening Range (in.)


Clamping Force at 1500 psi

Std. Mtg.


Wd. Ht. C.G. Bore Stroke


17-7/8" 4-7/8" 6-3/16" 18-62 3-1/2" 2" 22" 3810# 11 475


42" 20-7/8" 5-1/2" 7-9/16" 18-68 4" 2-1/2" 25" 6188# 11 735
H-65 48" 23-7/8" 6-5/16" 7-3/4" 17-73 4-1/2" 3" 28" 8762# 111 1200
EH-95 54" 30" 6-7/8" 7-11/16" 17-79 5" 3-1/2" 31" 11781# 111 1800

Also Available:

Forks/ Standard/ Cut-Out: Standard non-drilled weld on forks. Consult factory for available options. Forks with cut-outs used for handling 20-24 inch diameter steel drums ; 1,2,4 at a time.

Roll or Drum Arms: Rubber - faced arms handle pipe, rolls or drums to reduce slipping during transport. Arms with slip-on fork pockets are also available.

Bale Arms: Designed to handle various sizes of paper, cotton, scrap or rag bales.

Carton Clamp: Handles unitized loads such as cartons of grocery products or other cubed, palletless loads of boxes.

Your ITE represenative can help you decide the correct hydraulic clamp and arm movement for your special handling requirements.

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