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About Us
ITE, Inc.Industrial Truck Equipment (ITE) has been serving the forklift attachment/material handling industry with innovative products for over 30 years.

In 1982, Little Giant, a Peoria, Illinois manufacturer of forklift attachments, went out of business. Ernie Hostetler and Carl Brooks, co-owners of Allied Welding, Inc. in Chillicothe, Illinois, recognized the void that was left by Little Giant’s departure. They hired Little Giant’s Chief Engineer and began producing durable, high quality forklift attachments to serve the local market..

ITE, a subsidiary of Allied Welding, is still a family-owned business today. Terry Nelson, Ernie Hostetler’s step-son, continues ITE’s commitment to provide the forklift attachment market with durable, high quality products at a fair price.

You are invited to give ITE the opportunity to fulfill your material handling needs. We offer a diverse line of forklift attachment products, designed to provide solutions for a wide range of material handling applications. ITE strives to provide excellent customer service, along with unmatched quality and durability.

Feel free to contact ITE to find a solution to your material handling needs. We will make every effort to make your association with ITE a pleasant and profitable experience, providing exceptional value to your customers.



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